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Oh! just love what you did for Russ its so beautiful and he would have love it.
Thank You Art
arthur kirkutis (cumberland R.I,)

Russ was a dear friend - a talented, kind, and caring friend. Thanks for all of the happy memories, Russ. Please know that we miss you and love you.

I bless the Chateau de Ville for introducing me to you and Art, Russ. Our friendship has meant the world to me. Thank you for all the happy memories and the wonderful astrological advice over the years. Hope to see you again on the other side one of these days.
Rose Mula (Methuen, MA)

I am so thankful for all the beautiful memories, way too many to mention, and I will always keep you close to my heart. Rest in Peace, my dear friend!
Roberta Narrin (Johnston, R.I.)

My memories of our fun times together will always remain in my heart I love you.
Joan Faber (N. Attleboro, Ma.)

Growing up as a younger cousin I really hadn't had a lot of contact with Russ until recent years. I began running into him and Art at the supermarket or Dollar Tree here in Cumberland where we would talk for a while each time while Art would go roam the store. He always had a fascinating family story to tell about so many things I never knew. As his health made it difficult to walk or drive I began taking him to some appointments when I could. During this time I had the great fortune to visit Russell and Arthur at their home and was just blown away by his fascinating life told in pictures and artwork all over his home. He related many stories of the people and events in his life that would just put you in awe. I never knew, except for his astrology, the many facets of his life. One night we sat and looked through a great number of family pictures and he knew every person in every picture and had at least one story to tell about each one of them. I am so thankful that I got to know both Russ and Arthur at this time and the things Russ shared with me. Russell lived on his own terms. Sometimes you would hear from him often and then there were times you would not. But when you did it was always a wonderful conversation. I will miss him. To Arthur I haven't really known you for too long of a time but in that time I could see how much you and Russ meant to each other. In that time I began to think of you as family as I'm sure all of us do. I know what a difficult time this must be for you and I want you to know that if you need us we will be there for you. We are just a phone call away. I'll know it is you if you call because my phone will show Russ Gorman on the caller id. Deb and I will keep you in our thoughts as will we all.
Ray and Deb Andrews (Cumberland, RI)

Russell was my mother's first cousin. I can honestly say that I wish I had had the opportunity to have known him better, as my Mom always spoke very highly of him. She would relate stories of growing up and told me of work in Astrology. I did meet Russell on a couple of occasions, and remember him as gentle, kind and both funny and polite. Russell, I wish you true and everlasting peace. To Art, our very deepest condolences at this very difficult time. There are no words of true comfort for such a loss, but please know that in one way or another, we all knew and loved Russell and it's with that love that he will be remembered.
Donna Bennett and MaryLou Fogg (Plainfield, CT)

I'm saddened to hear of the passing of my cousin Russell.
Cathy Green (pawtucket)

Arthur you are in our thoughts. So sorry Russ was a kind and intelligent man and friend to us. He will be greatly missed. Love Amanda and Arthur
Art's Rooter Service ♡
Amanda Barrette

So sad to hear of Russell's passing. He was truly a very special person. I remember many times when the whole Andrews family would get together. So many visits to see Uncle Ray at the monastery. Those were fun times. It's too bad that we lost contact with him, but we respected the fact that he was a private person. Rest in peace, Russ.
Dorothy Andrews Graveline (Plainville, Ma.)

Art, I was saddened to hear of Russell's illness and passing. I have always wished I had known my cousin better over the years, and I find myself hoping that the kind thoughts of his friends and family are of some comfort to you. Please accept my condolences.
David Boulay

To a good friend and a surrogate big brother... May you be the brightest Star in the Heavens and shine your goodness on your earthly friends. I will miss all your advice and fascinating conversations. Rest in Peace, my friend.
Ron Fiorito (E. Providence)

Art, I am so sorry to hear of Russell's passing. In our younger years, we cousins shared so many happy times and made wonderful memories. I wish we had kept in closer contact later in our lives.
Russell was a very special person - talented, fascinating, soft-spoken, kind.
My deepest sympathy to you,Art, at this very difficult time. I hope that you will find comfort in the kind words and support of family and friends.
Rest In Peace, Russell.
Cousin Janice Andrews Danesi (Attleboro, MA)

Russ was a dear friend for over 45 years. I will miss him dearly. Art you are in my thoughts and prayers too.
Bob Blanchard (North Smthfield)

Dear Art, I am saddened to hear of Russell's passing. Russsell was a first cousin to me. I too, wish the years hadn't separated us. I remember having a conversation with him shortly after my youngest son was born and of course he asked me what "sign" he was. When I told him he was a Sagittarian, he looked me straight in the eyes and said "Oh my, you need to lock him up and take him out when he's 20 years old". What a laugh we had.! My heartfelt condonlences goes out to you Art, I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.
Cousin Christine Andrews Balog (Mendon, MA)

Russ spent a lot of time with my mother, his Aunt Gert, and so he was in my life from an early age. My memories of him are fond. On my birthdays, he’d tell me that he was the only person alive who remembered the day I was born! He was kind, gentle, played and laughed with me as a child and I always looked up to him. In later years, we reconnected and emailed at least once weekly. We were friends, confidantes and sounding boards to each other. We shared recipes, books and family history. He had a phenomenal memory and could help out whenever there was a question of what family lived where and how people were related in our very large family. I met his partner Art and we immediately had a connection. Sadly, the emailing slowed to a crawl over the past year or so as he struggled with health issues. He was a proud, independent, witty, energetic man. I will miss him.
Lois A. James (West Kingston, RI)

Russ was such a wonderful man. Fascinating, kind, introspective, open-hearted. I know he will be missed dearly by Art and those who were fortunate enough to spend time with him. Our paths crossed for only a brief time, but the impression he left on me stays with me to this day. Rest in peace, dear Russ.
Linda Loiselle Guzik (Glendale, CA)

Although I never physically met Russ, (we only corresponded via email and phone), stating in 1994 he did my and my boyfriend's chart, it continued in 1996 when my daughter was born... the depth and accuracy of his craft was amazing! Now that my daughter's father suddenly passed away when we read what Russ put together on all of us again - it brings such joy. He for certain will be missed.
Liz Hahn (NEW HOPE, PA)

One of the nicest men I ever worked with. I worked at WWON-AM, 1971-1981. I never once saw him in a bad or angry mood.
He did my chart 3 times, and a lot of what he wrote came true. RIP, Russ.
Bill Lally (Los Angeles, CA)

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